The Alternative Cafe

Now Open: "Roe Sham Bow"

Roe Sham Bow

Facebook event page Featuring Hans Magden, Mytchell Mead and Bryan D Zittlow.

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We've got lots in store for this month! Make sure to check out our events calendar to see what we're up to, and drop by! We're making an effort to showcase great music and bring you lots of other interesting and fun events.

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The Alternative Mic, every Sunday!

Facebook event page The Alternative Cafe is now hosting Open Mic Night every Sunday 7pm-9pm. Music, poetry, comedy, and other entertainment are welcome. Make time to come share a quaint evening with The Alternative Cafe.

The Alternative Cafe

Providing a showcase for all of BoundWord’s endeavors and a venue for interacting with our community. Art openings every month featuring a mix of local artists, city artists and the artists art-f/x publishes. Local meetings, functions, seminars and classes make use of the gallery space. In addition to all of this, as the name suggests it is also a cafe.